Resilience at its best

By CARL IVAN VILLANUEVA THE story of a public utility vehicle driver losing hope to meet his everyday income, a lola wanting to go out to the market to buy some goods for survival but with hesitations, an employee afraid to go to work and leave his family, children wanting to play outdoor but restricted, […]

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Nacionalista Party reclaims Batangas province

Batangas is a Nacionalista country again. If political observers will keep an eye on the party affiliations of newly elected local leaders, it would be interesting to note that Nacionalista Party has easily reclaims Batangas province – a good sign or factor that political managers and strategists may consider in preparation for the 2022 Presidential […]

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Press Freedom vis-a-vis Responsible Media

LAST Friday, May 3, is the World’s Press Freedom Day. And expectedly, various media groups elsewhere are releasing different statements purportedly to push the advocacy for press freedom and freedom of expression. Commonly, the statements are uniformly denouncing all acts that are considered threats to the practice of journalism as a profession — be it […]